About Us - Wales Optical
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We are a team of experienced eyecare professionals lead by a licensed Refracting Optician, who is a certified Orthokeratologist experienced in fitting specialty contact lenses. We believe that eyeglasses are not only vision devices, but are also fashion accessories that allows the wearer’s character to shine through. We are known for carrying exclusive eyewear brands that moves away from the mass commercial market. The Wales team have been providing our customers with quality product and excellent service since 1991.

Kevin Lin

Founder & Registered Refracting Optician

Kevin Lin is the founder of Wales Optical Inc since 1991 dispensing quality eyewear to his customers. Prior opening his own practice, he came from a strong optometry background with his focus in children’s myopia control. He leads his team as a Registered Certified Refracting Optician and is an official member of The Orthokeratology Academy of America since 2005. In his own practice, he has over 15 years experience in the field of orthokeratology and fitting specialty contact lenses.

Jennifer Lien

Co-founder & Merchandizer

Jennifer Lien co-founded Wales Optical Inc with her partner Kevin Lin. Her strong background in accounting and merchandizing allowed the business to flourish and expand. She is highly involved in the fashion industry, and is an active participant of Vision Expo Las Vegas, New York, and Milan.

Richard Lin

Manager of Operations & Registered Optician

Richard Lin joined the team at Wales Optical Inc back in 2008, and since then he worked along side Kevin as an apprentice. Working at Wales Optical he discovered his passion in opticianry and eye health at an early age. He started his career with a strong health and science background with his Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Waterloo. He is currently a Registered Certified Optician with the college of optician in Ontario, focusing in speciality contact lenses.

michael 1

Michael Lin

Manager of Operations & Registered Optician

Michael joined the team at Wales Optical Inc back in 2010, and working along side Kevin as an apprentice. Wales Optical is where he discovered in interest in opticianry and eye health. He obtained his licence as a Registered Certified Optician with the college of opticians in Ontario, also focused in speciality contact lenses. He is also currently an licenced Registered Refracting optician in the province of British Columbia.

Jenny Kao

Public Relations & Registered Nurse

Jenny Kao is a licensed Registered Nurse that joined the Wales Optical team in 2016. She obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Waterloo in children’s psychology and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at the University of Toronto. She works along side with our Registered Opticians as an assistant when fitting speciality contact lenses. Her role at wales optical includes educating children and their families on how to take care of their contact lenses.